Details: •	3x Tilt EQ •	Change Low and High Frequencies with just one Knob •	Mix Ouput •	Input Normalization for parallel EQíng •	Wrong Polarity Protection •	3U Eurorack module, 4 HP wide •	Power consumption: 26 mA at +12 V and 24 mA at -12 V The module consists of two boards: •	Front PCB Panel •	Main PCB   *No worries, the blue jumper wire won´t be neccessary for the final PCBs ;-)
3xEQ4HP Triple Tilt EQ  3xEQ is a row of three „One Knob“ Tilt EQs with an additional Mix Output. Each EQ will boost high frequencies and cut low frequencies when turning the pots clockwise and vise versa when turning them counterclockwise.  Each input can be processed individually, but you may also take the sum of 2 or all three eq´d inputs from the Mix Output.   The first Input is normalised to the other two inputs. Thus its possible to use all three EQs on one singal in parallel.  3xEQ is a neat little module to shape your waveforms or sounds, to phatten your basslines and sharpen your hats and noises and make then sit nicely in the mix.