Details: •	3x Tilt EQ •	Change Low and High Frequencies with just one Knob •	Mix Output •	Input Normalization for parallel EQíng •	Wrong Polarity Protection •	3U Eurorack module, 4 HP wide •	Power consumption: 26 mA at +12 V and 24 mA at -12 V The module consists of two boards: •	Front PCB Panel •	Main PCB   *No worries, the blue jumper wire won´t be neccessary for the final PCBs ;-)
3xEQ4HP Triple Tilt EQ  3xEQ is a row of three „One Knob“ Tilt EQs with an additional Mix Output. Each EQ will boost high frequencies and cut low frequencies when turning the pots clockwise and vice-versa when turning them counter-clockwise.  Each input can be processed individually, but you may also take the sum of 2 or all three eq´d inputs from the Mix Output.   The first Input is normalised to the other two inputs. Thus its possible to use all three EQs on one signal in parallel.  3xEQ is a neat little module to shape your waveforms or sounds, to fatten your basslines and sharpen your hats and noises and make then sit nicely in the mix.
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