Details: •	Swap & Switch •	CV Gate activates Switch •	Manual Switch •	LED Indication •	Available in Intellijel Format •	Skiff friendly •	1U Eurorack module, 14 HP wide •	Power consumption: 19 mA at +12 V and 14 mA at -12V The module consists of two boards: •	PCB Front Panel •	Main PCB
When a gate signal is applied to the GATE input IN B is connected to OUT A and IN A is connected to OUT B. When the gate signal is low, IN A goes to OUT A and IN B is connected to OUT B. You can also switch the signal manually using the latching switch in the middle of the module.   AP can be used to switch signals on and off or swap them between two destinations.  If nothing is connected to IN A, +5V are provided at the active output socket.  This way you can use AP as a manual gate or as an alternating gate trigger for two targets.   AP1U 14HP Gate Switch
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