Cause & Effect4 HP Voltage Reader, Sample & Hold and Gate Switch  The first unit is a VOLTAGE READER, that outputs a gate signal according to a limit set with the help of the READ LIMIT potentiometer. If the limit set is reached by the incoming voltage, the R GATE output will be high. The limit may also be controlled via external control voltage at the LIMIT CV jack. Any voltage applied to READ IN is normalised to HOLD IN and IN A. R GATE is normalised to H GATE and SW GATE. This way only one signal is necessary to control both other units.  The second unit is called HOLD. In one mode it can sample and store a voltage from the HOLD IN jack and supply it at the HOLD OUT jack, if gate at H GATE is high. In another mode it can pass through the incoming voltage when gate is high. It then samples and stores the last voltage value applied when gate switches to low. The modes are selectable via the HOLD MODE switch.  The third unit is a GATE SWITCH. If a gate signal is applied to the SW GATE input only IN B will be connected to the A or B output jack. If gate is low IN A is available at the output. IN A is inverted and normalised to IN B.  This module is also available in 1U. Details: •	Three Utility Tools •	Voltage Reader for Gates •	Hold for Sampled Voltages •	Gate Switch for Selectable Voltages •	Two Hold Modes •	Inputs Normalised •	Also Available in 1U Intellijel and Pulp Logic Tile Format •	Skiff friendly •	3U Eurorack Module, 4 HP wide •	Power consumption: 35 mA at +12 V and 31 mA at -12V The module consists of two boards: •	PCB Front Panel •	Main PCB
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