Attenuator, Offset, Mixer, Multiple, Manual Voltage and Voltage Switch Polarity Switches (Unipolar; Bipolar) Voltage Switches (+5V; +0V; +10V) Wrong polarity protection 3U Eurorack module, 8 HP wide Power consumption: 35 mA at +12 V and 35 mA at -12V

The module consists of two boards:

Front PCB Panel Main PCB


8HP 3-Channel Attenuator, Offfset, Mixer, Multiple, Manual Voltage and Voltage Switch. It is

an adaption of Émilie Gillet´s Module “Shades”

In addition to the functions of the original Shades module, each of the three outputs is being multiplied in order to have 3 individual outputs per channel. The channels are normalized to each other. If a cable is plugged into the last of the three multiple outs, this connection is interrupted. This way you have a 1 to 8 buffered multiple with the possibility to adjust the voltage for the second and third channel or all at once by using the potentiometer of the first channel. The first channel is also converted into an inverted output. Using the switches you may change the polarity from unipolar to bipolar as well as the voltage (+5V; +0V; +10V) being provided on the output or added as an offset. Released under cc-by-sa-3.0 license.
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