DIZ3HP Signal Destroyer, Delay & Noise  DIZ is based on the PT2399 chip and uses its extreme settings.  The module was designed to create all sorts of noisy and glitchy sounds from any signal. The Input will be delayed, feedbacked or completely destroyed.  The potentiometers control the settings Amount, Dizziness and Giddiness. The last one may be switched on or off via switch. Some say Dizziness controls the delay time and Giddiness the feedback. But the effect of the potentiometers depends very much on the presence of the incoming signals. You will never be sure what happens next. Details: •	Weird Noise Maker •	Distortion, Delay, Feedback •	Very easy to use, crazy Sonic Potential •	3U Eurorack module, 3 HP wide •	Power consumption: 22mA on +12V, 15mA on -12V The module consists of three boards: •	    Front PCB Panel •	    Main PCB    * The final panel will be in black as ususal
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