Digital Drum Module Two Modes: 808 & FM Manual and CV Trigger HP friendly Flip Panel with Descriptions for each Mode Based on the MI Peaks Algorithms Wrong Polarity Protection Depth with mounted Power Header: 65 mm 3U Eurorack module, 3 HP wide Power consumption: 60 mA at +12V and 2 mA at -12V

The module consists of three boards:

Front PCB Panel Control PCB for LEDs, potentiometers and jacks Main PCB
DRUM3HP Digital Drum Module DRUM is an excerpt of the Mutable Instruments PEAKS module. It was reduced to the max and only focuses on the 808 and FM Drum algorithms. There are two modes to be selected via a push button on the PCB:   808 Drum This is an emulation of the well-known 808 kick drum. You have manual control over the FREQUENCY, PITCH ENVELOPE, TRANSIENT and DECAY.  FM Drum This is a digital drum synth based on FM synthesis. By turning the knobs you can change the FREQUENCY, FM AMOUNT, DECAY and COLOR of the drum sound.  DRUM has an internal EQ that allows you to adjust the amount of bass applied to the signal using a trimmer on the PCB. This module also has a flip panel with descriptions per mode on each side. Both modes share a manual TRIG button to execute the drum sound, a TRIGGER INPUT and a signal OUTPUT. Released under cc-by-sa-3.0 license.  Resources:
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