RENEPOW2HP Power Module for Renegade 0HP Series  RENEPOW is the mandatory power module to use any of the RENEGADE 0HP Series Modules. It forwards the power from your Eurorack PSU to the „Renegades“.  It has a simple ON/OFF switch and four TRS Jacks in order to power the 0HP Modules. You may power up to four modules at a time using standard TRS 3.5 stereo patch cables.  This is the solution for your packed Eurorack Case with almost no more HP space. Invest just 2HP of your precious HPs and connect up to four 0HP modules without using any additional rack space.   You can exchange them easily without touching screws or moving sliding nuts. Just take your 0HP Renegade Module, plug it into the RENEPOW, switch it on and you are ready to use it just as any other Eurorack Module.  Please note the safety information stated in the BOM!


2HP Power Module for RENEGADE 0HP Series 4 TRS Power Sockets On/OFF Switch LED 3U Eurorack module, 2 HP wide Power consumption: depending on 0HP Modules you connect

The module consists of three boards:

Front PCB Panel Main PCB
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