SUM 228 HP 6-Channel Eurorack Mixer with AFL, EQ, Pan and Two Aux Sends  Each of the 5 mono input channels has a LEVEL, PAN, EQ, SEND and AFL potentiometer and may be MUTED with a switch. The mono signal will be converted into a pan-able stereo signal. Additionally the GAIN can be adjusted using the little trim potentiometer. Turning the SEND pot will route the signal to a SEND jack in order to integrate external effects. The wet effect signal may be returned in stereo. You can choose between two SEND ways via switch. The send channels can be set to be active either pre or post AFL per channel via a solder bridge. ‚Pre‘ means you can still hear the send/return way when it is in AFL mode (thus the channels signal is actually not audible in the main mix), ‚post‘ means send/return will only work when the channels signal is routed to the main mix. Each SEND channel has a separate GAIN trimmer adjustable from the front.  Channels 1 to 5 have an AFL/MIX potentiometer, which allows you to audit your sounds on the headphones before you add them to the mix. Fully counter-clockwise the channel is only routed to the headphones (AFL), turning it clockwise it will be smoothly subtracted from the headphone out and added to the main mix (Mix). Two LEDs per channel indicate the current state. AFL, which stands for After-Fade Listen, is similar to PFL in function, but takes its signal from a point immediately after the channel fader, showing the level of the channel's contribution to the mix.  The MIX TO HP knob routes the main mix output to the headphone out in order to compare the channels that are in AFL mode with the main mix. This can be deactivated with a switch to only audit channels that are currently not send to the main output. The headphone level can be adjusted with the HP VOLUME knob. The EQ will boost high frequencies and cut low frequencies when turning the pots clockwise and vise versa turning them counter-clockwise.   Additionally there is a stereo input to integrate other mixers, like PHOEBE, SUM or uSUM for example. This channel has no AFL, EQ or SEND.


6-Channel Mixer Preview Sounds with AFL VOLUME, EQ, SEND and PAN for channels 1-5 MUTE Switches for Channel 1-5 1 Stereo Input 2 Selectable Send/Return Ways 1 Stereo Out + 6.3mm Headphone TRS Output Wrong Polarity Protection 3U Eurorack Module, 28 HP wide Power consumption: 85mA at +12 V and 65mA at -12 V

The module consists of two boards:

Front PCB Panel Main PCB