Utility Module combining more than 8 Functions Mix, Multiply, Attenuate, Control, Route, Fade, Switch or Swap any Signal (CV or Audio) LED Indicators Separate single Outs for each Channel Wrong polarity protection 3U Eurorack module, 6 HP wide Power consumption: 35 mA at +12 V and 15 mA at -12V

The module consists of two boards:

Front PCB Panel Main PCB *The final panel will be in black as usual

Two Sides

6HP Utility Multiple

Two Sides is way more than a usual Multiple. It has the following functions: 1 to 5 Buffered Multiple Individual Attenuation for each side. Uni- or Bipolar selectable for each side via Jumper. 2-Channel Mixer Signal On/OFF Switch Fade two Sources (CV or Audio) Swap Destinations Ringmodulate them or Control the Amplitude of Input B with a CV Signal in Input A (VCA) You may also use any combination of the above mentioned functions. The two LEDs indicate the current signal of each side. Even the Logo is illuminated according to the processed signals. It was designed to be used for CV signals, but can also handle audio signals with ease. If you are looking for a primary VCA it is suggested to choose another module as this VCA circuitry is a very simple JFET arrangement.